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What Awards apply to my General, Specialist, Dental or Allied Health Practice?

If you employ support staff, allied health or nursing staff, you would need to apply the Health Professionals & Support Services Award and the Nurses Award. These Awards provide for the minimum terms and conditions that must apply to your staff to be Fair Work Compliant.

Your Nurses would be entitled to a total of 5 weeks of annual leave per annum and 6 weeks if they are classified as a shiftworker.

There is coverage under the Health Professionals & Support Services Award for Practice Managers. Senior Managers will start at a ‘Support Service Employee Level 7′ and Practice Managers will be classified as either a ‘Support Service Employee Level 8 or 9’ under the terms of the Award.

Annual Leave Loading of 17.5{12216a9666705e5d5a3cbd835ccd2ed8bef57bb1a69c8e5c23aab331a64f2403} is payable under both the Health Professionals & Support Services Award  and Nurses Award. There is a common misconception that if you pay your staff above the Award rate that the leave loading does not need to be paid. If you are wanting to contract out of annual leave loading, please contact one of our team members to find out how.