Patient de-escalation training ZOOM Series

  • What is OVP?
  • Psychological and organisational impacts of OVP
  • Prevention, response, and support controls Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
  • How do we know when and how to de-escalate using the S.A.F.E.R risk assessment?
Duration: 1hr
  • Telephone aggression and de-escalation
  • Reflecting on our own communication styles and how these can be improved to de-escalate a situation
  • Supporting a suicidal patient via telephone(emergency situation)
  • How to deal with inappropriate comments
  • How to deal with harassment
Duration: 1hr
  • What triggers an aggressive incident?
  • Levels of escalation
  • Communication and de-escalation techniques
  • Using body language to de-escalate
  • Reducing the impact of communication barriers
  • Signaling non-aggression
  • Diffusing high risk situations
Duration: 1hr
  • How to verbally diffuse a situation
  • Understanding the stress response ‘fight/flight/freeze’
  • Self-defence to an unprovoked assault (criminal code)
  • Post crisis response and how to support staff
  • Importance of documentation and reporting
Duration: 1hr