About Us

About Us

At Health Industry Employment Services (HIES) we are passionate about compliance and reducing the risk of claims to your practice. With extensive health industry experience, the team is able to provide quick and accurate advice to support and reassure the management of any employment matter. The Fair Work Commission expects that all business owners and managers have an understanding of the fundamental legislation to ensure employees receive the correct terms and conditions of employment.

HIES is there to assist business’s do exactly that!

Our Philosophy

HIES has been created with the passion of educating and supporting business’s through the complex employment framework in Australia. We believe that all business’s will require professional support from an Industry Specialist from time to time.

Our purpose at HIES is to understand the running of your practice and provide tailored employment advice accordingly.

Our People

George Sotiris – Director

George Sotiris is the Founder and Director of Health Industry Employment Services. George is a Workplace Relations Specialist who has devoted his professional career to the health industry.

His passion for the sector started when working for a peak industry body in its Workplace Relations team. In this role he provided practical HR solutions to hundreds of practices and was an advocate for members he worked with.

George’s genuine appreciation and understanding of the constant HR pressures practices are under, motivated him to start his own business – Health Industry Employment Services. HIES launched in 2018 and continues to provide proactive HR solutions and support to hundreds of Members on a national level and educates thousands in the industry.

George believes that any successful practice is built on strong employment foundations that create accountability from the top, down. Dealing with staffing disputes is amongst one of the most challenging issues owners and managers will have to deal with. George and the HIES team assist to simplify these complex issues and educate practices on how to build strong systems that create better workplaces.

George is passionate, dedicated and driven in providing the health industry with workplace relations support that makes a difference.