George Sotiris – Director

George Sotiris is the Founder and Director of Health Industry Employment Services. George is a Workplace Relations Specialist who has devoted his professional career to the health industry.  


His passion for the sector started when he commenced working for a peak body in Queensland where he held the position of Workplace Relations Manager and provided practical HR solutions to hundreds of practices and was an advocate for members he worked with.  


George’s genuine appreciation and understanding of the constant HR pressures practices are under, motivated him to start his own business – Health Industry Employment Services. HIES launched in 2018 and continues to provide pro-active HR solutions and support to hundreds of Members on a national level and educates 1,000’s in the industry.  


George believes that any successful practice is built on strong employment foundations that create accountability from the top, down. Dealing with staffing disputes is amongst one of the most challenging issues owners and managers will have to deal with. George and the HIES team assist to simplify these complex issues and educate practices on how to build strong systems that create better workplaces. 


George is passionate, dedicated and driven in providing the health industry with workplace relations support that makes a difference. 

Vanessa James-McPhee – Principal Workplace Consultant

Vanessa is a seasoned professional in the field of Human Resources and employment law, with a wealth of experience and expertise. As the Principal Workplace Consultant at Health Industry Employment Services (HIES), Vanessa plays a pivotal role in providing specialized HR advisory services to the health sector.

Throughout her career, Vanessa has been a trusted advisor to businesses of all sizes, spanning diverse industries including professional services, retail, hospitality, and the health sector. Her dedication to delivering practical advice and support has made her a valuable resource for owners and managers seeking guidance in navigating the complex and everchanging landscape of Australian workplace laws and regulation.

Vanessa’s keen business acumen allows her to assess risks and opportunities effectively, ensuring she understands the unique needs of each organization. This insight enables her to identify the next best steps necessary to achieve the desired outcomes for her clients.

Her expertise covers a wide spectrum of HR-related areas, including interpreting and comprehending workplace legislation, modern awards, as well as reviewing and drafting employment contracts and various HR policies and documents.

For those of you seeking expert guidance in the complex realm of HR in Health, Vanessa is the go-to professional. Vanessa’s dedication to facilitating compliance and success in the workplace is a testament to her commitment to HR and her passion for helping businesses thrive.