Contract Drafting

Contracts are often signed and forgotten until terms are contested. How comfortable are you with your current contracts and are they designed for the Health Industry? HIES has a range of custom contract templates available for purchase and we also offering drafting services.

We specialise in both the HPSS & Nurses Award, but also have other employment template contracts available.

Workplace & Employment Foundation Review

How is your practices HR compliance pertaining to the awards, contracts of employment, policies and procedures and workplace health & safety. HIES knows what to look for and we have created a comprehensive health check to assess your level of compliance before it become a risk to your practice.

Contact the HIES team to find out more.


HIES is all about education and continually developing the skills of all staff in a practice. We can offer tailored training for your practice needs during and outside of work hours.

Idea of training Options for Managers:

  • In depth workshop for the HPSS Award
  • In depth workshop for the Nurses Award
  • 11 Minimum National Employment Standards
  • Understanding Long Service Leave and how to calculate it
  • Performance Management 101
  • Termination & Redundancies

Training options for Staff:

  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Privacy Compliance for Staff
  • Embracing a Work Health & Safety Culture
  • Policy & Procedure Training
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Handling Complaints and conflicts in the workplace

We also provide Occupational Prevention Training and you can find our more information about it here.