Contracts are often signed and forgotten until terms are contested. How comfortable are you with your current contracts and are the designed for the Health Industry? HIES has a range of custom contracts available for purchase. Click on the link below to see the templates available.

Workplace & Employment Foundation Review

Are you unsure if your practice is compliant with all things employment? HIES knows what to look for and we have created a range of health checks for your practice.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures need to be easy to read and relevant to individual practices. HIES has created customisable policy templates that allow tailoring for individual clinic needs.


Privacy compliance involves embedding a culture that understands the importance of privacy. If your privacy documents are not current or relevant to your practice needs, you may be at risk.

Practice Training

HIES is all about education and continually developing the skills of all staff in a practice. We can offer tailored training for your practice needs during and outside of work hours.

Workplace Health & Safety

When was the last time you conducted a Workplace Health & Safety Walk through? HIES can offer a full overview today to keep your patients and staff safe.