Health Industry Employment Services Pty Ltd (HIES) has been created with the passion of educating and supporting business’s through the complex employment framework in Australia. We believe that all businesses will require professional support by an Industry Specialist from time to time. Our purpose at HIES is to understand the running of your practice and provide tailored employment advice and training.

The team now offers Occupational Violence Prevention training that will be extremely beneficial for anyone who works in the health care sector and deals directly with patients.

The skills learnt in this training session will better equip you and your staff for any challenging behaviours and interactions that may come your way, whether it’s via phone or in person. Be prepared for any situation and ensure you and your staff have the tools to be resilient in an industry that can often be very stressful for all involved.

Meet the Trainer

Tracey Gardiner
Senior Trainer Occupational Violence Prevention & RN
Contact Tracey: [email protected]

Occupational Violence Prevention Brochure