HIES Member Benefits

Need help with your employment foundations and HR?

HIES is here to help by providing ongoing HR advice & support to members so that they can concentrate on business growth and improving patient outcomes.

As a HIES member, you will be provided with unmatched HR advice in health for private practices. Our goal is to assist you to navigate even the most complex employment matters with ease and to educate you and your management team along the way.

All HIES members have access to these benefits

HR Advice

Expert advice provided by health industry HR Advisors

Member Portal

Access to our online member portal to manage your membership and access documents.


Regular newsletters to provide you with recent cases, HR trends and any Fair Work Updates.

Staff Classification & Wage Review

30-minute consult to ensure that you are classifying and paying your staff correctly.

Employment Contract Review

A 30-minute contract review to ensure terms have been outlined correctly.

Fortnightly Zoom Series

We encourage our members to participate in our HR Scope sessions to normalise HR issues in Private Practice and stay up to date.

Document Templates

An extensive range of HR templates to cover the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding all the way through to ending employment.

Consulting Hours

Every membership level gets access to consulting hours within their membership to assist with drafting documents/contracts etc.