2m. Practice Pre-Recruitment Checklist

A prompting checklist for all that you might want to consider when recruiting new staff members.

3c. WHS Near Miss, Incident or Injury Reporting Poster

An easy downloadable A4 poster for you to display in the lunch room or where it might be relevant in your practice to remind yourself and staff of how and when to report incidents.

3i. Work Function Policy Acknowledgement for Employees to Sign

An acknowledgment for staff to sign to ensure they have read and understood policies pertaining to work events.

3g. Letter to Employee re Fixing Underpayment

If you have accidentally underpaid a staff member here is a letter template you can use to communicate how and when it will be rectified.

3a. Performance Review Template

An overall template to use for performance reviews of staff members.

2c. Tax File Declaration

A link for you to use to assist your staff with how and where to do this on the ATO website.

4a. Statement of Service Template

An ending employment template to verify the position held and the time of service at your practice.